Open position for editor of the journal of Symmetrion: Symmetry: Culture and Science (SCS)

Tasks to be performed by the editor of Symmetry: Culture and Science (SCS):

  • collect and manage submitted papers;
  • invite potential authors (potential author should be selected either from the mailing list of the ISA, or by contacting new persons interested in any aspect of symmetry studies, based on the editor’s private search among publications in other journals, books, mainly in the internet);
  • make the submitted papers peer reviewed;
  • identify the most appropriate reviewers;
  • communicate with the reviewers;
  • decide on the acceptance or rejection of the papers;
  • manage the post-review corrections of the paper, communicate with the authors until the paper achieves its expected, final form;
  • take care of whether the paper is formatted in a publishable form and its English is acceptable in a prestigious journal;
  • submit the camera ready issue to the publisher, in due deadline before the end of each quarter of the year.

Expected abilities of a prospective editor of SCS:

  • affinity to all the sciences, humanities and arts;
  • practice in editing;
  • easy communication to any representative of the sciences, humanities and arts;
  • being not ashamed to contact as a peer, when needed, anybody unknown (by her/him) scholar, either as author or reviewer, even in those disciplines where she/he is not very familiar;
  • commitment to have, at least, a short look at the earlier published works of a scholar before contacting her/him;
  • commitment to avoid bulk mail communication (readiness to include at least a few personal words in the letters to everybody that may convince the addressee about her/his importance for the journal; this is a testimony that the editor knows her/his works);
  • at least medium (or higher) level command of English;
  • commitment to accept and keep the established traditions at the journal;
  • keep deadlines;
  • commitment to different types of symmetry, as an interdisciplinary field of studies;
  • commitment to follow an editorial policy that does not jeopardize the (financial) sustainability of the journal;
  • commitment to try increasing the number of citations received to the published papers;
  • commitment to manage the increase of the journal’s impact factor.

For contact: Symmetrology Foundation; 29 Eötvös St., Budapest, H-1067 Hungary; Phone: +36 1 302 6965 (


  1. Dear Sirs
    You are calling for Editor-in-chief, is it a paid position?
    Thank you very much.
    Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh

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