Data protection information

Name and availibility of the data manager:

The manager of the data handled by the domain is the Symmetrology Foundation (thereafter: data manager, address: 29 Eötvös St., Budapest, 1067 Hungary, registered at the Municipal Court of Budapest, Registration No. 10502, issued by 12.Pk.61019/2007/3), represented by the director of the institute of the Foundation.
Designation of Data protection officer is not prescribed for the Data manager of, according to the Article 37 of the GDPR.

Storage of the data:

The data specified under 1-6 listed below, are stored at a server, partially dedicated to the domain, rented from the Tárhely.Eu Kft., at the physical address 1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14., secured for 24 hours. The owner-operator keeps the secrecy of the stored personal data, saves the stored information in order to avoid access of unauthorised persons to them. However, it does not take responsibility for any accident or event out of its competence that fall under the responsibility of the manager of the rented server.

Pages at include several links arrowing at websites of other service providers. excludes responsibility for the data and information protection practice of those services. The owner-operator of does its best to avoid links to servers whose content is incompatible with the principles set up in the Articles of the Symmetrology Foundation.

Content of the Data protection information:

The data manager keeps the right to change its Data protection information. That may happen in particular, when the circle of services is extended, or when it becomes mandatory by jurisdiction. Changing the Data protection information cannot allow goals of personal data handling differing from those defined in the present document.
The type, aim and circle of handled data, as well as the circle and rights of those whose data are stored: see separately under items 1-6 below.

  1. The names and accessibility of the members of the boards of the ISA and the journal.
    The concerned elected persons accepted their nomination and membership in writing (in e-mail). The webpage publishes solely data given by them or that are publicly available on the internet in other sites. The elected persons have the right to resign.

  2. The names and accessibility of the authors of papers published in the journal Symmetry: Culture and Science.
    Authors of articles in the journal provided their data by the intention to make them published. Having signed the Copyright Transfer Form, they agreed to publish the data that they gave in their article. The storage period of these data is unlimited. Due to the inclusion of these data in the international DOI system, the data published in the journal can no more be withdrawn.

  3. Data of registered subscribers/buyers to the journal’s online webshop.
    The data of the registered subscribers/buyers to the journal’s online webshop are not public. The data manager keeps the secrecy of their data. stores them until the registrant unsubscribes. There are no more data obtained and stored than those necessary to identify the subscriber and save her/his purchaser rights.

  4. Data of applicants to the events announced through the website.
    Registration to a public event (e.g., Symmetry Festival) organised by the ISA or the Symmetrology Foundation means to agree with the publicity of data (at the website, in program booklets and other publications of the event). The name and accessibility is public with the consent of the applicant. Their data given for the registration fee payment are handled under the terms specified in item 3), with the exception that these are stored only for 5 years. The applicants have the right to ask for the cancelation of their data earlier.

  5. Mailing list of the symmetry Newsletter.
    The mailing list of the Newsletter is not public. The data manager keeps the secrecy of the data that contains only names and e-addresses. Every recipient has the right to unsubscribe by clicking to a link at the bottom of each Newsletter issue.

  6. Cookies
    The server of sends cookies to the device of the visitors. This measure serves the better browsing in the pages of the website. By clicking on the „Accept” button in the appearing notice window on can agree with the use of this service. The visitor can delete and/or disable cookies stored in her/his browser. Anybody is free to visit the website without giving any personal data except the technologically automatic data handling. The latter include the date of visit, IP address, the browser and the operation system. During the visit of the site there is registered the date of starting and leaving the pages, as well as the URL of the entering page of the visitor. Handling them is technologically unavoidable and aims only at automatically generated statistical purposes. Over that, the data manager does not link these information with personal data. The listed data are safely kept at the server and stored for 5 years.

The domain does not send ads to the device of the visitor.