The Symmetrion* was founded in 1991 in the name of the International Symmetry Foundation.

Its founders were Gy. Darvas and D. Nagy.

The present director of the Symmetrion is György Darvas.

The name Symmetrion was created on a Greek basis, and refers partly to the origin of the term symmetry [symmetria], partly to “the home” of symmetry studies (symmetrology).

Currently the Symmetrion is an independent, international institute. It promotes interdisciplinary and holistic studies bridging different disciplines, science and art, and different cultures. It promotes also to make the public acquainted with the related recent achievements. The Symmetrion is financed through the Symmetrology Foundation.

The Symmetrion initiates, organises, co-ordinates, and executes symmetry related projects in accordance with the above aims.

The Symmetrion publishes the journal Symmetry: Culture and Science.

The Symmetrion maintains a specialised symmetry related library, the Symmetrotheca. The Symmetrotheca is a special collection of books, periodical article reprints, artworks, catalogues, CD-ROM, DVD and video-tapes. Symmetry related publications are spread in various disciplinary journals and other type publications, collections of papers. This is a unique place where a lot of them can be found in one library. Most of the items in the collection of the Symmetrotheca were received as a courtesy of the authors, in most cases members of the International Symmetry Association. Your contributions are welcome to the Symmetrotheca: please, donate and send a copy of your symmetry related works to enrich the collection. History The Symmetrion was financed by the
International Symmetry Foundation 1991-2005.

It belonged to the International Symmetry Association 2006-2008.
Since 2008, the Symmetrion is financed by the Symmetrology Foundation.

29 Eötvös St. Budapest, H-1067 Hungary
Phone: +36 1 302-6965

Letter of support by the President of the Republic of Hungary

* Symmetrion© is a protected name. Any use of this name without written permission of the name owner violates law.