The Bibliographic Project of the Symmetrion

This project of the Symmetrion aims at a collection of bibliographic items which deal with one or more issues of, or are in some way related to symmetry.

There are ten thousands of publications in which symmetry appears as an aspect. There is no other catalogue whose intention is to collect and thematically record them, but the Symmetrotheca

Many publications with certain interest in particular aspects of symmetry appear in diverse disciplinary journals, whose scope of interest is not restricted to symmetry. Thus there is difficult to identify these papers to refer in a symmetrological investigation.

The Symmetrotheca is the library of the Symmetrion. The only library specialised in items on symmetry. The Symmetrotheca has a wide collection of
outprints of articles on topics treating symmetry in different disciplines and the arts, thanks to the voluntary contribution of the authors of these papers.

One of the goals of this project is to record and present as much as possible symmetry related publications in a well arranged form.

Another goal of the project is to establish a virtual library. The virtual library catalogues not only those publications, which are physically deposited in the Symmetrotheca. At its developed stage the Virtual Library of the Symmetrotheca will be an online catalogue collecting bibliographic items concerning symmetry.

The Symmetrion is an international institute. Join our team, join the symmetrists’ community, and become our volunteer fellow! Contribute with submitting bibliographic items to the completion of the Virtual Library of the Symmetrotheca!

This project is executed by the collective efforts
of the members of the International Symmetry Association and the visitors of this site of the Symmetrion, i.e., by the assistance of its volunteer fellows. Anybody can voluntarily join the project by proposing bibliographic items to add to the catalogue. Please, select those items, which may be of interest for those who study, apply, etc. a general or at least a particular aspect of symmetry or its related phenomena and concepts.

The Bibliographic Project of the Symmetrion welcomes your proposals to include bibliographic items like books, catalogues, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, working papers, reports, patent descriptions, published curricula, lecture notes, CD, DVD, video, film or computer program, and other educational aids in the (coming soon) online catalogue of the Symmetrotheca.

There are also welcome your ideas concerning the arrangement of the bibliographic
items. Establishing the structure of classifying the records, and the elaboration of a scheme of keywords, i.e., the Symmetry Classification Scheme (SCS), is the task of the Thesaurus project of the Symmetrion.

The execution of the project will be continuous.

A Bibliographic Item Submission Form will be uploaded to this site soon, partly to make your work easier, partly to ensure the semi-automatic inclusion of the items in the Symmetrotheca’s Virtual Library catalogue.

The Symmetrion keeps the right to moderate the submitted contributions.

* The initial stage of this project was supported by the grant No. 25993 of the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA).