The website of symmetry aims at providing wide-scale information and orienting its visitors in issues related to symmetry.

Its aim is to make as many sources as possible available through this site, either directly from this server or through links to others.

The site is constructed continuously. For this reason the contribution of the readers is welcome. Let us be partners in developing this website! The projects of the Symmetrion serve to reach this goal.

Your proposals and contributions are welcome to add new Links to scientific and educational websites, symmetry related projects, homepages of art galleries, permanent or temporary exhibitions.

You are kindly invited to place a link to your own website, if you developed one, which may be of interest to the symmetrist community.

Inform us, please, about coming events. Links to websites of coming conferences, as well as exhibitions related to symmetry or its connected terms, phenomena, are welcome and will be uploaded here, keeping the right of moderation.

The Bibliographic Project of the Symmetrion expects your proposals to include bibliographic items like books, catalogues, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, working papers, reports, patent descriptions, published curricula, lecture notes, CD, DVD, video, film or computer program, and other educational aids in the (coming soon) online catalogue of the Symmetrotheca.

The Thesaurus Project aims at establishing a Web of terms related to symmetry. Clustering the terms included in this web, and building a net of their connections to each other facilitates to classify and arrange well the vast links to websites.

The Thesaurus Project aims also at elaborating the Symmetry Classification Scheme (SCS), a lattice scheme to classify and identify concepts, phenomena, keywords, subjects of studies, and their sub-fields in symmetrology to be used in the bibliographic project.

Similar to the Bibliographic Project, the two branches of the Thesaurus Project are also expected to be developed step by step by the contribution of the visitors of the website.

Your proposals are welcome in E-mail.