Websites Featuring Symmetry

This project of the Symmetrion aims at a collection of links to other websites which demonstrate certain interest in one or another issue related to symmetry.

There are thousands of sites throughout the world wide web providing information on symmetry, its appearance and study in the individual sciences, arts, design, and their applications in technology and education, or dealing with its related terms, phenomena, properties, methods (as referred in the Scope of interest of this site). The goal of this projects to present as much as possible of them, in a well arranged form.

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This project is executed by the collective efforts of the members of the International Symmetry Association and the visitors of this site of the Symmetrion. Anybody can voluntarily join the project by proposing links to add to the list. Please, contribute with your favorite sites to the collection.

The execution of the project will be continuous. Let us be partners. There are welcome your ideas concerning the arrangement of the links and contributions to add new links to scientific and educational websites, symmetry related projects, homepages of art galleries, permanent or temporary exhibitions, sites presenting activities of organisations, and calling attention to publications, and so on.

You are kindly invited to place a link in our website to your own website, if you developed one, which may be of interest of the symmetrist community.

Please, inform your colleagues via our website about coming events. Links to websites of coming conferences, as well as exhibitions related to symmetry or its connected concepts, phenomena, are welcome and will be uploaded here.

However, a simple long list of internet links would not be too much practical. A classified inventory of the sites will be more useful.

Several aspects of classification can be applied parallel. Your proposals are welcome to shape the structure. For example, the sites can be classified according to disciplines (particle physics, crystallography, geometry, biological morphology, linguistics, ethnography, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. ….), purposes (event, research, art, education, technological application, design, entertainment, etc. …), subjects (polyhedra, compounds, planets, vertebrates, buildings, etc. ….).

Note, a webpage can be qualified, according to its content, under several categories.

The aspects of classification, and a scheme of keywords are aimed at elaborating in the Thesaurus project of the Symmetrion. Until that framework of the aspects reaches a more or less developed stage, your link proposals are welcome in E-mail in the following structure:

[Short title],
[Link, like],
[Annotation, 10-25 words (optional)]

The Symmetrion keeps the right to moderate the submitted proposals.