John Arden Hiigli

Union Mills, Indiana, June 1, 1943 – New York, October 18, 2017

John Hiigli used to be an active member of the Executive Board of ISA. He was a regular participant of the Symmetry Festivals since the first in 2003. His artworks can be found in many countries around the world, he was a regular contributor to the exhibitions of ISA, sometimes he presented individual exhibitions of his two- and three-dimensional works at the same city and time where Symmetry Festivals were organized, read lectures on the mathematical and educational issues at the conferences, published several times in the journal Symmetry: Culture and Science, and he organized worldwide children drawing exhibitions at the Jardin Gallery (and preschool, New York) run together with his wife, Dominique. He was always a co-operative person, rare in this sense among artists, who often created common artworks with his colleagues. He kept touch with his colleagues and friends, lived an active, creative life until his last period.

He joined the vernissage of the last exhibition of his works organized in his life, in the Saxon Gallery, Budapest, from his bed via the internet on 13 October. The exhibition can be visited by the end of November. He left us full with unaccomplished plans.

Many members of ISA are proud of his friendship. All who knew him liked his smart and kind personality. His quiet and wise words, his modest smile remain in our remembrance forever.

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