Reiko Kuroda at the Budapest Symmetry Circle

ISA honorary member, Reiko Kuroda paid a visit in the Mathematical Museum, at the R. Eötvös University, Budapest 13 September evening. She had a one and a half hour informal conversation with the members of the Budapest Symmetry Circle and the visitors of the MathMuseum’s regular Wednesday evening meeting. She told about her recent results, in particular the identification of the gene, and the nitrogenous base sequence of that, responsible for the chirality of animal organs.

Then, she met, among others, the president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences next day.

New main leader of the ISA…

Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya (Sydney) has been appointed by the main leaders of the ISA for the position CEO up to the next elections due in 2019. Her main responsibility is to prepare the Symmetry Festival 2019. You are encouraged to assist her job with proposals concerning the planned program.

The change was planned since a business meeting at the Festival 2016. The reason is that Kristóf Fenyvesi resigned from the position CEO of the ISA due to his many other commitments. At the same time, Kristof Fenyvesi became member of the Executive Board of ISA, responsible for educational and for community programs.